How to fix your WiFi

If you are like most people at some point in time you have had problems connecting to the wireless network. The natural reaction is to ask what is wrong with the wireless here on campus? However, most connectivity problems are not actually a problem with the wireless service. In reality, most connectivity problems are actually caused by an issue with the device that’s trying to connect. Whether it’s your laptop, mobile phone or other wireless device, most issues can be traced back to a configuration problem or software issue that needs to be resolved on the device.

So what can we do to get connected?

There are several things we recommend that you do to help identify what is causing connectivity issues with the wireless network.

  1. Verify that wireless is enabled on your device. I know this sounds trivial but it’s amazing how often this is overlooked.
  2. Make sure to update the drivers (software) for your wireless card on your device. That includes game boxes. Many issues can be resolved with a driver update.
  3. Other considerations when troubleshooting include when did this problem begin?
  4. Does this happen certain locations?
  5. Does it happen with one device or all of my devices?
  6. Is anyone else having the same problem?
  7. If all else fails restart your device and see if it resolves the problem.
  8. Are there any microwaves, Roku devices, or PS4 game boxes nearby?
  9. Are there wireless printers in the area?

If there are microwaves close by they will cause wireless connections to drop on certain devices. Game boxes and wireless printers can create their own wireless network which often cause connectivity problems in areas where they are located. Turning off the wireless cards on printers etc. will improve connectivity in those areas where they are located.

Unfortunately, wireless connectivity problems can be difficult to resolve. The number of devices and what those devices are doing affect the amount of interference seen in a particular location.

Providing as much information as you possibly can to the helpdesk will greatly assist in their ability to help identify the problem and get it fixed for you and others. If you are having difficulty connecting please contact the helpdesk and we will be glad to assist you.

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