IRS Security Awareness Tax Tips Series

Tax season officially began on January 15th, 2016, the IRS has published a series of articles to help keep your personal and tax information safe.

  1.  Seven Tips to Protect Your Computer Online –
  2.  Avoiding Phishing and Malware to Protect Your Personal Data –
  3.  Seven Steps for Making Identity Protection Part of Your Routine –
  4. What You Need to Know to Protect Your Passwords –
  5. Talk to Your Family about Security Online and at Home –
  6. Tips for Using Credit Bureaus to Help Protect Your Financial Accounts –
  7. Tips to Protect Your Personal Information While Online –
  8. Tips to Keep Your Tax Records Secure; Protect Yourself from Identity Theft –
  9. IRS, States and Tax Industry Deploy New Safeguards for 2016 –,-States-and-Tax-Industry-Deploy-New-Safeguards-for-2016
  10. Six Reasons to E-File your Taxes in 2016 –