Staff Profile – Shahla Alavi

Title: Instructional Designer

Years at UNK ITS: Total of 27 years at UNK, 7 years at ITS.

Family: My husband is Shahram, three boys (Shervin, Shervan, Shabahang), a daughter in law (Shannon), and three beautiful grandkids (Clea, Noah, Avery)

Hobbies/Interests: Love to spend time with my family, bike riding, walking, gardening

Areas of ITS responsibility:

  • Qualtrics Administrator
  • Apperson scanners Administrator (Test + faculty evalautions)
  • ITG workshops administrator
  • A Co-Administrator for Blackboard
  • Instructional Designer
  • Training and support for employees and students
  • Write and maintain ITS website

If you could abolish one piece of modern technology, what would it be and why? Nothing, I love technology!

Do you prefer Windows or Mac?  Why? When I started working in ITS, I was a Windows user but now, I feel comfortable with both Operating systems.

Do you prefer white, dark or milk chocolate? I do not discriminate, as long as it comes with nuts in them I eat them ALL.


What was your favorite TV show growing up? I grew up in Iran. One of the funniest TV series (more than 40 years ago) was a weekly comedy named Samad. The whole family watched it together and laughed really hard.

What is your favorite thing to do on the weekends? Spending time with my friends and family, have my granddaughter spend the night with me, play Cut UNO, walking, and bike riding.

What was (or is) your favorite video game? Mario’s brother

What is one professional or personal skill you wish you had that you don’t? I wish my written and spoken English was better.

What do you like on your pizza? Nothing, I do not eat pizza–I know I am boring and strange.