Canvas To Replace Blackboard As Learning Management System

As part of the progress toward forming the one university collaborative environment outlined by President Bounds, I am pleased to announce that UNK is beginning a transformative process to establish Canvas as the new system-wide, integrated Learning Management System. Over the next year and a half, faculty and staff at UNK will migrate from Blackboard to the new Canvas system. Much of the old platform can easily integrate into the new platform. Some adjustments will be required and this will provide an opportunity to review and update what faculty and staff wish to keep.

A detailed program of transition for UNK has been established and our community of IT professionals will assist everyone in creating our new innovative learning environment. Informational meetings are scheduled in September and October to help everyone prepare for this exciting next step in building an even greater University of Nebraska.

At a kickoff luncheon on Monday, September 12, Leona Barratt from UNL ITS will talk about UNL’s experiences with Canvas.

On Monday, September 19, Laura Gonnerman, NU Associate General Counsel, will talk about copyright and fair use issues at noon in the NSU Cedar Room and again at 3:00pm in Copeland 142.  (Reservations are necessary for the noon session.)

On Monday, September 25, Carlie Tegtmeier from Instructure, the developer of Canvas, will present Canvas demos at 10am in the Ockinga auditorium and at 3pm in Copeland 142.

On Monday, October 3, Heath Tuttle, Assistant Vice Chancellor with UNL ITS; Jeremy Van Hof, Assistant Director for Academic Technologies at UNL; Leona Barratt, Technology Trainer with UNL ITS, and some UNL faculty will talk at 3pm in Copeland 142 about best practices and lessons learned in the Canvas deployment.

For more information, see our UNK Canvas website.

We are beginning the second of a three-year contract with Blackboard.  This allows us to continue using Blackboard for two more years.  UNK will completely migrate to Canvas by Spring 2018.

You have the opportunity to begin using Canvas via a “sandbox” for testing and learning the application as well as to begin developing your future courses in Canvas.  In addition, you may apply for Early Access to teach a course with Canvas in the 2017 spring semester. In the Early Canvas Access program, 400 students can be enrolled.  This will be divided equally among the four colleges.

Starting with Summer 2017, UNK faculty will be encouraged to opt-in to Canvas.

Starting Spring 2018 all UNK courses will be in Canvas.   On July 1, 2018, UNK Blackboard is retired and you will no longer have access to Blackboard.

Instructional sessions and/or one-on-one sessions will be offered by ITS.  Contact by email Don Ray, Shahla Alavi , Jane Petersen or go to