Malvertising – the new silent killer?

Malicious ads on the websites you visit aren’t a new phenomenon. The fact that they now avoid detection and don’t need you to click on them to infect your computer is new, and increasingly a concern.

Malvertising is the latest way for criminals to infect your computer with malware – and the only thing you need to do to allow it is to visit your favorite website that relies on advertising.

That’s because they’re slipping bad code into ads that are put onto those websites through advertising networks. Big name websites like Forbes, Huffington Post and the Daily Mail have been the focus of attacks.

How to stop it

As users, there’s not much that can be done except make sure our computers are up to date with every security patch and fix.  Always make sure your firewall is enabled and updates are installed.  Run virus and malware scans regularly after updating the signature files on your application.

“Paranoia — because why should the conspiracy theorists get to have all the fun?”
― Jim ButcherCold Days

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